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back to article MacRumors vigilantes nail UK teen scammer

A British teenager who tried to scam fellow MacRumors members learned the hard way that when enraged fanboys get up a head of indignant steam, you'd better run for cover. The story of "Max On Macs" began with this post by member skoker on 23 October 2006, and ended recently with Max on Macs interviewed by Thames Valley police …


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Anonymous Coward

Justice served luke-warm?

I wouldn't use the term "nailed" to mean, "forced to visit the police, sheepishly apologise, and pocket $500 anyway". The end result hasn't changed a bit!

I find it a bit odd that the same British law which makes it illegal to behave "anti-socially" with completely open-ended penalties can't manage to penalize someone for stealing half a grand... Maybe I've just misunderstood, and actually ASBOs are just a polite admonishment to be a bit nicer in the future?


Idiot scammed...

So you buy some Mac hardware in exchange for games console and/or cash on a messageboard from someone you've never seen, has no feedback, no fraud guarantee (like eBay) -- the whole thing was dubious from the start. The buyer was as equally stupid as the seller was malicious. The buyer was naive beyond description, I'm not apologising for a 17 year old crook, but anyone stupid enough to caught up in a transaction like this can only expect to get fleeced. There were scams like this for supposedly "collectible" Star Wars toys in newsgroups a dozen years ago - I can't believe people are still falling for it.

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