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back to article IBM claims self-assembling chip leap

IBM's highly boffinated research division delivered today when the firm said it would be first to deploy self-assembly microchip nanotechnology on an industrial scale. The self-assembling material can be coaxed by a scaffold to form vacuum cavities, which improve electrical transmission by reducing transmission between …


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Indeed :)

Anonymous Coward


"lithographic manufacturing techniques, where copper wiring has to be masked with insulating material before lasers etch away."

Umm... I think you need to brush up on your semiconductor manufacturing techniques. Etching is done with plasma or wet chemical processes - not lasers. Copper isn't etched anyway. The normal method is called the (dual) damascene process.

Much as I hate referencing wikipedia - this is a descent introduction:

Silver badge

Self-assembling, eh ?

And the next step will obviously be self-programming, followed by self-awareness, and then we'll have a major issue on our hands.

I think I'd prefer lizard overlords to robot ones - robots have no emotions to appeal to.


Anonymous Coward

Lizard Overlords

may be a worse choice since they would also be short on the emotions end of things.

They also have a high tendency for protein based diets with no qualms on the source of the protein.

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