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back to article Intel to revamp Core 2 Duo processors on 22 July?

Intel's next big round of desktop price cuts will come on 22 July, a day that will see the debut of revamped Core 2 Duo processors and a faster four-core Core 2 Quad, it has been claimed. A report on Chinese-language site HKEPC, citing motherboard-maker sources, claims the 2.66GHz Core 2 Quad Q6700 will go on sale on 22 July …


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Anonymous Coward

Here we go again

Another round of increasingly confusing Intel product numbers - is anyone else getting sick of it or is it just me?



I hate all the naming schemes they have.

I understand the motivation to stop using clock speed in marketing because there are multiple major brands now and equivalant chips won't usually have equivalent clock speeds - and of course the fact that Core2's clock speeds are much lower than the Pentium IVs they succeed - but at least it was simple for telling the damn things apart.

Oh, so the 700mhz is faster than the 600mhz? And two cores are better than one? Great! That makes sense!

Now it's all E5923QSL and F05050 and MJ420.

The whole AthlonXP 4000, 4200, 4500, etc. routine at least made some sense without throwing around the somewhat misleading clock number routine.

Silver badge

Names? Who cares?

Yeah. I used to care. Now I'm reading $266 for a quad core chip and suddenly I don't care any more if they call it the OMG!!P0N13S chip. It's looking good to me.

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