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back to article Dell's vertical line issues lengthen

If you haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, there might be a problem with your monitor. May we suggest you are a victim of the heavily caterwauled vertical line problem affecting several Dell laptops? Dell


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Affecting Dell monitors too?

Anyone know if this problem could affect Dell monitors too?

I have a Dell 2405FPW display which is 18 months old. About a month ago, it developed a vertical line exactly like the one described in this article. It's about 3 inches long, starting at the bottom of the display, and appears yellow.

I assumed this was a general fault, but it sounds identical to the laptop problem being described here so maybe it's related?

In any case I assume I should have no problems getting this fixed as a warranty repair - the monitor has a 3 year warranty I believe.


Not just Dell products

My first laptop, a Sony Vaio Picturebook, suffered from the same problem within 12 months of purchase. That was just over 4 years ago now though, so it's entirely possible it's unrelated.

I'm a tad worried now though, my current lappy is an Inspiron 8600; wonder if the UWXGA screens are affected?


Re: Affecting Dell monitors too?

I have noticed this problem on a handful of 1907FP Monitors from Dell. A pixel-wide blue line developed the full length and about two inches from the right of the screen.

According to the sticker on the back these were manufactured around Feb 2006.


Not just Dell.... Samsung too

I bought a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC, Q1 last year and same annoying vertical line has appeared on that too.. i think the problems is more than just Dell..


Re: Not just Dell .... Samsung too

Dell TFT monitors are actually redranded Samsung monitors.

At a previous place of employment we bought a bulk load of Dell monitors, and had problems in some situations getting the text to be readable, and Dell said they would send out a specialist to look at it.

The specialist was a Samsung technician, who stated that the monitors were re-branded Samsungs.


Affecting Dell monitors too?

Call tech support, report the problem and if you are in warranty, it will be replaced.

Yes, Dell monitors bought on a different order (Not with the system), have a 3 year warranty.

Monitors purshased along with the system carry the system's warranty.

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