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back to article Nvidia to beat AMD to release on-the-fly GPU switching tech?

Nvidia is said to be moving forward with a plan to allow notebook computers fitted with both integrated and discrete graphics chips to flip between the two GPUs, the better to balance battery life with all-out performance. We're not at all surprised. The latest claim is made in a Chinese-language report on HKEPC, but Register …


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Why would you want to do it this way?

Surely if you want to do something that needs a GPU then having it switch off beacause your on battery kind of defeats the point of having a laptop.

Now I can see the point of having a chipset that only powers the GPU when its features are being used. If I am logged on and checking my mail then I dont really need my GPU so no need to have it running. However once I have checked my mail and want to game for 20mins or so whilst I'm waiting for my flight then fire up my GPU.



If for no other reason that that Nvidia can now sell you two chips instead of one.


Maybe they could fix SLI first ?

I have yet to see any game support forum that hasn't the first line of the top most sticky post say "disable SLI, it creates loads of problems" !

While it's certainly a good idea, I believe it's already largely dropped by gamers, due to the loads of issues with the drivers, thus pointless to use as a marketing label.

That is, until it's fixed.

This topic is closed for new posts.



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