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back to article 3Com mounts school Wi-Fi fightback

3Com has decided to fight the hysteria over WiFi in schools. The company has hooked up with a reseller that specialises in the education market called 802.UK to promote "second-generation wireless" - by which it means enterprise-class managed WLANs - for schools. The companies said they will offer free wireless information …


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Anonymous Coward

flawed emmision ratings

Right, as on of those few individuals (numbers of us are growing) that has problems with the RF emmisions from Microwave devices.

1. the emmision from a microwave oven is a pure sinewave (no data overalid) as all it has to do is cause excitation of the hydrogen atoms in the food (its specificaly tuned to that frequency). I can stand next to a microwave oven and cannot feel any effect from it.

2. the emmision from a WiFi type device is usually in excess of 40mW, (they keep quoting low power mode, do they ever quote the max power output of these devices ? ) there is also a digital signal being emmited and the devices are often transmitting on a number of frequencies. Base stations will be running at max power (well over 100mW+) on a number of frequencies at the sametime.

I can be within 20 metres of a base station and i will be able to triangulate its exact position simply by moving my head

whilst enjoying the feeling of being in the vicinity of a high output heat source and suffering a spliting headache and having the magnetite crystal (all living organisims have this (its how you sense direction) humans have it have it at the bridge of the nose, just below the eyes) resonating in tune to the signals coming from the base station/device. Oh yeah i really dislike BT's HomeHighway WiFi garbage, Hey Honey I Irradiated the Kids!.

3. UTMS/3G - GSM also operate on a wide range of frequencies, the radiated power of these devices is up to 2W with a analogue and digital signal imposed on them, with repetive bursts of signal transmitted during connection.


in almost all cases the phones will be operating at MAX power unless your within direct line of sight of the base station.

The use of the 3G/UTMS networks also has the added problem that they transmit large amounts of digital information in the form of email, MMS, streamikng video, etc.. which has a radically different signal pattern than the traditional GSM phones.

For me being within 10m of one or more of these devices whilst its downloading can be exceedingly painful. living within line of site of one or more base stations is exceedingly unpleasent,

Two years ago had to move out of where i was living because two 3G operators threw up some masts in the middle of a housing estate.

The only people who seem to be all for these high emission devices are the T****rs working in the financial industry, hopefully they might change thier minds when they all get brain tumours from 3G/WiFi-Maxx because they cooked thier brains(and not just the books).

And NO im not going to start wearing a tin foil hat ;p

Although i may paint the walls with carbon black paint to screen out the RF in my home, but at £300 for 5L its gonna be expensive.

The sooner the WHO finaly gets its self sorted out and out of the pocket of this Corrupt industry/politians and eventually states once and for all that mobile phones and microwave radiation are of an extreme hazard to both people and the enviroment the better. I hope that one day these damned things will be BANNED. Sweden is currently working slowly towards that goal and may well be the first to start shutting down the networks, hopefully.

For those of you conspiracy types,

They irradiated large portions of the UK with uranium and plutonium during WW2 when a stockpile of it was destroyed when the main UK's main weapons storage facility accidently blew up one night (they hushed that one up).

They dumped Bio-Weapons in the sea off the cornwall to be washed up the coast across all the holiday resorts.

They accidently-on purpose released large amounts of radioactive material from the numerous Nuclear PowerStations around the UK from the 1950's-80's, probably as a test to see if we could survive a nuclear war.

Now they are seeing if we can survive high background levels of microwave radiation..

Is this an some huge secret experiment? to see if we can live on Mars after we have bolloxed up this planet.

OK Rant over ;p

We Appologise for the Disruption, Normal Services will resume shortly. :)

Anonymous Coward

You what?

Just to point out, the legal limit for wifi devices operating in the 2.4ghz band IS 100mw.. so your 'well over 100mw' comment is crap.. unless vendors / operators are breaking the law!

Anonymous Coward

HOW MANY Watt's is precisly the Question

If you read the link it tells you what the AVERAGED emissions is, Over a PERIOD of TIME, it does not in anyway state at any time what the real peak maximum power output level(PMPO) is.

The power limit is restricted by the battery output and the size of the RF Amplifier/Heatsink on the device.

The figures are seriously massaged. Same thing as PMPO and RMS(root mean square) figures in audio systems sold in leading high street shops(RMS is analogue output, PMPO is DC max output).

The advertised numbers are misleading and are delibitly used to mislead.

The inverse square law on power level to distance from source wont mean a damn if the emmisions exposure is found to be acummalitive as is alpha/beta/Gamma Radiation (Proven beyond Doubt to Cause RNA/DNA damage and Cancer) and also UltraViolet (which is proven to cause cataracts).

And from the evidence so far with increasing evidence of cancer clusters in the local proximity of Major (Mobile Phone Base Station Clusters, National Grid(its worse with EU SuperGrid) Power Lines, Electricity Substations, High Power TV/Radio Transmission Masts) it is begining to start being taken seriously that these Electo-Magnetic Energy Fields (irrespective of the frequency) are having seriously detrimental health effects on living organisims (Politians, Laywers, Stockbrokers and VC's excluded.(/a. they are not human. /b. they move to thier Private estates/ivory towers and use thier infuence to make sure they get it NIMBY and all the rest of us get it IMBY).

What scares me the most is WiMax, and the those MIT idiots playing about with Tesla's no-wires Power transference. these are going to cause major problems and induce cancer in a hell of a lot of people who wont have any say about wether they agree or not to be exposed to such possibly leathal radiation souces.

For those of us that don't need a Geiger counter/ EMR detector we are having our freedom of movement restricted to the point where we will be imprisoned in our EMF/EMR sheilded homes, with no means of leaving home without looking like a loony dressed in an anti radiation suit.

Or being forced to move somewhere where there are no towers or electricity (some places in Sweden or how about Siberia or New Guinea anyone?) tbh i'm tempted!.

Anonymous Coward

Flawed science of the anti-Wi-Fi crowd

Read some of the posts on Ben Goldacre's Bad Science blog for coverage of the distortions of the anti-Wi-Fi crowd.

Silver badge

To Mr/Ms Anonymous

There's no doubt that a small group of people believe themselves to be 'electrosensitives'. They exhibit a range of symptoms including nausea. headaches and irritable bowel - things that nearly everyone suffers from from time to time - provoked by exposure to em emissions (they usually like to use the term radiation because this links it to alpha/beta/gamma emissions, even though two of these are particles and not electromagnetic in nature) from wi-fi and mobile phones. What is not usually explained is that there have been 37 scientific, double-blind 'provocation' studies in which sufferers were exposed to such emissions without either the subject or the experimenter knowing whether it was switched on. None of these studies have produced statistically significant results - the subjects could not identify when base stations were switched on, although they all strongly believed that they could.

As I pointed out in previous discussions, and as the manufacturers are also pointing out here, the greatest exposure to such 'radiation' is from the handset held next to the ear. The world population has experienced trillions of man-hours of such exposure over many years without any demonstrable ill-effects.

I have sympathy for those who experience these symptoms, but they are as likely to be due to stress as any external, physical cause (power lines used to be blamed for this as well). I despise the small number of quacks who take advantage of them by trying to sell expensive detectors and anti-radiation paint.

Much more here: < >


My teeth hurt

I can speculate that if you have a rectifying junction in a tooth filling, you might get some dental nerve discomfort above certain field strengths. So has anyone investigated this ?

(one 'm', two 's' s inci_dentally)

Anonymous Coward


".....we are having our freedom of movement restricted to the point where we will be imprisoned in our EMF/EMR sheilded homes....."

This can only be a good thing.

Anonymous Coward

Scary stuff...............

"What scares me the most is WiMax, and the those MIT idiots playing about with Tesla's no-wires Power transference. "

WiMax is pretty scary stuff I agree - some of the most spine chilling marketing of all time as 'the evolution of ethernet is recapitulated into the wireless realm' - even a 3-ply tinfoil hat won't prevent the headaches and nausea that kind of thing induces after only a few minutes.

.....but other than minor early teething problems like time-travelling US warships, Tesla's no-wires power transference is nowadays thought pretty safe - just a little expensive to run since the free energy thing failed to pan out.



"I can be within 20 metres of a base station and i will be able to triangulate its exact position simply by moving my head"

Wow - you are amazing... go see James Randi and earn that million dollars.

You idiot.

Anonymous Coward

802.UK needs to go back to school

Check out their website ( and you will see that their first step should be to attend some much needed English lessons. I've rarely seen a corporate website littered with so many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It doesn't seem credible that 3Com would align themselves with such a bunch of amateurs.

Anonymous Coward

There definitely is some sort of biological interference from mobile device EMF's

There definitely is a problem with the EMF's from mobile phones and handheld PC's. I find the most striking symptoms are: ringing in the ears, swollen eyes and snowy vision, a feeling of pressure in the front of the head, prickling sensations, repeated nerve twitching, and vibration-like feelings particularly in the legs and arms. I know it is caused by the EMF's from mobile devices since the symptoms only ever develop during usage of these devices; but I think the fact that the symptoms last for many hours following usage of the device could make it difficult to prove in a blind or double blind study--ideally, any study would require participants to be present for a couple of weeks or more in order to get enough samples and allow any symptoms to subside between tests.

I have a suspicion that the cause of the symptoms might be to do with extremely low frequency EMF's attributed to these mobile devices (from the internal electronics) because I have experienced symptoms using a pocket PC with the wireless feature turned off.

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