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back to article Intel intros fast FSB dual, quad-core CPUs

Intel has followed the launch of its first mobile Core 2 Extreme processor with a handful of desktop CPUs that support the chip giant's 1333MHz frontside bus upgrade. As expected, the line-up of new processors comprises three dual-core chips and a pair of quad-cores. The quads are the 2.66GHz Core 2 Quad Q6700 and the Core 2 …


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1333 - just a con?

the old desktop core duos always could run at 1333 fsb. just ramp up the fsb in your bios to 1333. intel have always been great for OCing

ok, it gets hot but has been running OCd now since xmas and is very stable - an easy way to make your 2.4 run at 3ghz :)

i also have one of those nv8800 electric radiators in the case and its all very stable - although the heat coming out the back is like leaving a hairdrier on :)

although in the winter it helped warm my house...


a con?

your comment is a con... just an excuse to blab about some parts you bought and how you got them overclocked and blah blah blah... It reads like a newegg fanboy product "review"....

The point is that Intel is certifying its components to run at the rated FSB speed of 1333.

Anonymous Coward

cold weather OC

I hope to run one of these outside this coming winter...I wonder if I can OC it to 5+ ghz or so when it is -40 F outside. If I leave it outside I won't get condensation and I will try running it without any fans. I will the HD and other drives inside though! Nothing else to do when it is super cold outside! About half of the year is less then -15 F so who knows.

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