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back to article Intel driver tweak adds vertex shaders to old IGPs

Intel has quietly rolled out support for hardware acceleration of Vertex Shader 3.0 calculations in a range of its integrated graphics chipsets, including the Q963, G965, 945G and the mobile GM965. The release of the new Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) driver, version 14.31, came earlier this month and was prompted by …


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Will we see it in Linux

When will these driver changes be made available in the (now open source) Linux driver for intel? If at all.

This is a far more important question than what it can do on windows. Linux needs this stuff daily in the world of compiz-fusion.

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Third-party manufacturers

Gah. I hate Lenovo. They are still suck on the 14.10 version of the driver. Considering 14.29 has been available for some time, I can't see me getting this nice update for quite some time. Why can't Intel just release it to everyone???

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Apple Macs

This is good news and very interesting.

The Apple Mac mini and Macbooks come with integrated Intel graphics chipsets. These 'non-pro' (i.e. not Mac Pro or Macbook Pros) tend to get used for gaming by many Mac users, so I look forward to them getting such an update too.

The only non-pro Mac that is equipped with non-Intel graphics chipsets are the iMacs and the chips that Apple offer are hardly cutting edge these days.

Truth be told most Mac users I know who play games a lot tend play on games consoles, boot into Windows using Bootcamp or only play less demanding games such as puzzle games, etc. I used to be a hardcore gamer and now I fall into the latter grouping, apart from the occassional game of Halo (damn, I'd love to be able to play Halo 2 on my iMac).

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Hear, hear. After having gone through the frustrating process of coaxing the Linux Intel driver to even get my screen resolution right, I'm going to be paying attention to the state of that driver if and when I upgrade to a new laptop, and avoid Intel video if the issues with that driver haven't been fixed.

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Graphics Media Accelerator

These latest drivers appear to remove support for the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA). This product was discontinued at the end of January 2007 but the GMA drivers were pillaged of their support for the 900 series in this same month.

It's nearly as bad as Microsoft and Intel's pact to disable Aero graphics under Windows Vista for no valid reason!

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