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back to article Nvidia 'G92' to debut 12 November?

Nvidia is preparing to up the ante in the performance graphics chip stakes this coming November with 'G92', it has been claimed. If true, the new part will be announced a year after Nvidia launched its first GeForce 8 series GPU. Various reports around the web earmark 12 November for G92's launch date, though there's some …


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Clearly 'plating' it safe

Typos aside, this sucks for the people who bought DX10 parts (8800s and the like) thinking they would run top of the range for the foreseeable future; now it looks like there will be DX10.1 parts with a load of extra features before the year is out.

I guess that's the price to be paid for keeping your rig up to date. At least those 8800s can manage DX9 games at a fair old pace.


Pffft. DirectX.

Never buy a new video card just for a new version of DirectX. The next round of cards will come before the games do. And even then, the first games supporting said release are often all graphics, no game.

Personally, I'll stick with my old Geforce 6600 for some time yet. And I certainly won't be buying Vista just to play a game or 2.

Anonymous Coward

Your choice..

"And I certainly won't be buying Vista just to play a game or 2."

That's fine, it's your choice. I also made my choice and got an 8800GTX and Vista. Yes, disappointed with the paucity of DX10 titles, but wouldn't have missed BioShock's eye candy for anything :) Looking forward to Crysis and other DX10 games to filter (slowly) in. My card will get a good price on eBay around Christmas time :D

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