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back to article AMD takes world CPU share from Intel

AMD regained a few percentage points of world microprocessor market share from its arch-rival, Intel, the latest, second-quarter figures from market watcher iSuppli show. During Q2, Intel accounted for 78.8 per cent of global CPU sales by revenue, down from 80.8 per cent in Q1. AMD's share was up from Q1's 10.9 per cent to 13 …


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There is hope yet

With more and more governments bringing anti-trust complaints against intel and the release of Barcelona, AMD just might regain its ground and take a little more...

Anonymous Coward

re: There is hope yet


we are doomed to an x86 future and you talk about hope?


totally agree

good for AMD, them, but x86 must die


Misleading title

Here I was thinking it must have been a cracker of a quarter for Opterons and a general lack of sales of desktop and Intel server systems for AMD to be beating Intel in sales.

x86 will be around for a long time to come, John and anon. Even Apple now use x86.


hope indeed

even though i have a old pentium 4 intel im simply gonna change to amd as im already sick of intel they just dominate things to much so come on amd you can do it baby im right behind ya

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