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back to article WANs go faster Down Under

Australian WAN acceleration company Exinda has brought out its second generation of WAN speed-up gear. There's a new 800 series of hardware appliances, but their new Unified Performance Management (UPM) software will also work on the current Exinda 700 series hardware, and is a free upgrade for existing customers. Exinda's …


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We had a couple of these running at my old workplace, they were seriously good bits of gear to have.

Anonymous Coward


Firstly 100,000 doesn't sound like that much second shouldn't be blocking anything should be accelerating if you want to block it costs nothing and no extra hardware is needed nor is partial blocking/filtering an issue once again without any more hardware in fact you don't need anyone from outside to tell you about the network in the first place especially not a vendor who will try to sell you something every time (it's what they do). Just more to go wrong and another system to maintain.


Good bit of kit

I have installed a number of these bits of kit and they seriously good and do exactly what they say they will!

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