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back to article IBM sues seller over alleged fake ThinkPad batteries

IBM has accused a New York-based spare computer parts company of trademark infringement in a bid to stop the firm selling what it alleges are dangerous fakes. It's demanding $1m for each claimed counterfeit use of its logos. In a lawsuit filed with the US District Court for Northern Ohio this month, IBM claims that Shentech. …


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...look at that! $48!

I better stock on on batteries before they're sued out of existence. ;)


So ... how do we tell real from counterfeit?

Is there any way to tell a real IBM battery from counterfeit, other than waiting for it to blow up? I haven't bought anything directly from Shentech, but that doesn't mean my company's IT shop hasn't gone looking for better deals!

The flame seemed appropriate ...


People are stupid...

IBM/Lenovo is and will for the time being only sell trough its limited and very controlled channels. They would never sell new products through a dodgy website.

I love calling the IBM helpdesk for Thinkpads, they are nice and competent. Wanted to point that out, I really like these guys. they sound like Miro/Turtle beach engineers in the late 90s, which was my reference before calling Lenovo (I am not implying they got bad, I am just not using their products anymore)


As always

As always everyone loves a bargain and the cheapest is the best!

You pays your money and takes your choice !

Or perhaps it was a dastardly conspiracy ploy by you know who behind the last great flaming battery recall to discredit it's more advanced rivals ?

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"The lawsuit asks the court to force to hand over all allegedly fake IBM batteries for safe disposal, along with all the profits the reseller has made from selling them."

If they need help disposing of all those profits, I'd be more than willing to help.


fakes are fakes

Hi, all laptop batteries have s/n so IBM will know if they produced it along with dates of manufacture.

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