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back to article Acer gives Dell notebook business a kicking

Dell was kicked into third place in the worldwide laptop market last quarter, as Acer and its associated brands took second slot behind HP. A grand total of 29 million laptops were shipped in the third quarter, according to researcher firm Displaysearch, up 42 per cent on the year. The firm expects full year shipments to hit 103 …


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Jobs Halo

Apple anybody?

Surely they should be included, or is it because they don't run Windoze, OOO OPS now they do.....


re: Apple anybody?

I think apple users were accidentally missed out from the survey because they're such quiet, modest people that nobody knew they used macbooks...



I believe they have around 6 - 6.5% share... up from around 4% last year. Will be interesting to see what the actual figures are though

Huge internal growth but on the international market not so huge.....


iphone redefined as laptop

so Apple shoots to #1 - no, wait, don't catch HP even if iphones redefined....

Jobs Halo


Yea, how many did apple shift?

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