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back to article AMD's CrossFire X to enable integrated, discrete GPU co-operation

AMD announced in May year that its upcoming M780 laptop chipset will allow the user to switch between a discrete graphics chip and an integrated one on the fly. The technology is expected to be included in desktop chipsets too, but not for power saving. Instead, it'll use both GPUs at once. So claim Taiwanese motherboard maker …


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External insertions and big boxes.

Shouldn't we end up "connecting" an external graphics processor rather then "inserting" it? Insertion feels like putting something in, usually resulting in the thing being inserted becoming internal to the thing being inserted into. I.E. disk (compact, hard or floppy), making the beast with two backs, a bookmark, sample for the test chamber.

With external graphics dojiggers I envision us have large boxes sitting on desks hooked to our computers and even more fan noise due to power and cooling needs.

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