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back to article Samsung spins 128GB SSD

Samsung isn't the first manufacturer to take the wraps off a laptop-friendly 500GB hard drive - take a bow, Hitachi - but it did claim today to be the first to announce a 9.5mm-high unit. It also touted a 128GB solid-state drive for notebooks. Samsung 500GB SpinPoint 2.5in HDD Samsung's SpinPoint M6: half a terabyte The …


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I want BOTH

how about a 500gb SSD!!!!!!!!!!!



I'd like someone to build a NAS that takes 5 of these in raid 5 - all in a fanless aluminium 10cm cube. It can't be *that* difficult can it?



Not that the world needs 500gb laptop drives, but this is pretty bad ass. Samsung has really been doing nice things with their harddrives recently. I'm quite impressed with the 3 F1s of theirs that I just got. 333GB/platter is a good thing for sure.

And the 10cm cube won't work, since the drives are more than 10cm long... Plus you'd only end up with 512GB for the SSD, if thats what you were talking about. If you were looking at putting plain magnetic laptop drives in a raid... Ahh but you're probably using 100mbit or wireless or something, so speed doesn't matter much.


re: Cool

12x12 x12 might work (depending on the size of the disks) if you take a nano-ITX board

Not very cost-effective though - if you want to make it reasonably efficient, you need HW raid, and I think nano-ITX only does mini-PCI, so you will need a hard-to-find mini-PCI to PCI adapter. Unless someone makes a nano-ITX board with 4 SATA ports, in which case you could use Adaptec's zero-port mini-PCI raid adapter, though I don't know if it's any good...

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