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back to article Union accuses Capita on job losses

Unite, the union formerly known as Amicus, is accusing IT services giant Capita of breaking its promises not to cut staff in Belfast. The 116 workers in Capita's life and pensions department in Belfast must now reapply for the remaining 75 positions. Graham Goddard, deputy general secretary of Unite, said: "Capita have failed …


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When will they learn?

It's not a promise until it's a legally binding contract.

Even then it's not a certainty.


new jobs=good, old jobs=bad

My job went titsup last year and was 'relocated' to Belfast. I was invited to reapply, and it was clear that I could not simply transfer (even if I wanted to, but that is another story).

When I saw the documents they had to present at our layoff hearing(*) it was notable that they got a generous bonus out of the 'pay the terrorists off', oops I mean 'redevelopment' fund for every 'new job' created. By 'generous' I'm talking about a number beginning with a 's' then 5 zeros. In Euros admittedly, but I bet it's tax-free.

Plus, of course, these are 'new jobs' and as such quite useful to politicians and other statistical liars.


(*) Ok, so I was in another country (one where the court have to authorise mass sackings) and so I got to see the 'Economic Justifications' my company had to make to get approval for layoffs. What's the betting that this is essentially the same rouse? Even if the people, oops I mean 'economic units', affected are already present in the country and doing a similar job, the gravy train probably allows Crapita to claim that this is magically a 'new job' and thus stick their snouts deeper in the trough. Although to be fair they have already had their front hooves in there for some time already.

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Is this not the old Prudential pensions site? I believe Pru outsourced some of their legacy pension processing Crapita a while back, they recently announced another massive load of outsourcing of legacy processing to Crapita at their Reading sites (possilby also Mumbai) are these jobs going because Crapita have more work, but they don't want to support more sites?

As an aside: What sort of Pensions provider can't process their legacy pensions more efficiently than an outsourcing company?

Posted anon for obvious reasons...


'When' not 'If' with Crapita.

I went through the Crapita takeover of PCServiceCall.....

Before the announcement (well the previous two years) the pcsc company line was 'we have no plans / we have no plans at this time' for a sell out to Crapita.

Then when Crapita took over 'all your jobs are secure' and then they promptly changed the shift patterns so much that many, many people effectively had no choice but to leave. I mean seriously...... starting one day 8.03 in the morning and the next day at 11.26.......... god only knows what it's like there now, but from friends who only left late last year it ain't improved that's for sure!

Yeah baby, Crapita always tell the truth....... whatever.......

ohh and the joke alert - that's because Crapita is a joke :-)

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And the recruitment whores just refuse to understand why i wont jump from my current position to crapita... even for >10K more than current job (*see wife and short person).



"Capita have failed in their promise ..."

Full marks to the union for stating the bleedin' obvious!

When did Crapita do anything other than fail in their promises? Answers on a postcard please.


Making Politicians Look Honest...

That's the Crapita ideal.

Our entire site (along with 3 other locations - about 1000 staff altogether) will be laid off at some, undetermined, point. Maybe this year. Maybe the beginning of next. Redeployment? You mean KEEP YOUR SALARY AND TERMS?? Ooo no.... we can't be having any of that. But you can apply as a fresh starter at one of their other sites - as long as you take the revised contract and start "new" - no accumulation of salary or holidays, time served for redundancy purposes etc.

Recommendation - don't work for them. The Home Secretary looks like a paragon of virtue and honesty next to this lot.

(Posted as AC for obvious reasons.... don't want to get sacked before my redundancy payout!!!)


Happening everywhere ...

The irony of this type of thing is that apart from the obvious nonsense you also loose the years of service that have been accrued as this is "technically" a new job.

This sort of "happy horseshit" is going on everwhere at the moment.

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