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back to article Intel single-core 'Silverthorne' to sport HyperThreading

Intel has spilled a few more beans about 'Silverthorne', its upcoming 45nm processor for UMPCs and mobile internet devices (MIDs). It's a single-core part that implements HyperThreading (HT) ahead of the technology's implementation later this year in 'Nehalem' next-gen CPUs. Silverthorne was developed from the ground up for …


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This is the same core...

that will be used in intel's new multicore cpu and it's based on the classic pentium design. (the one before pentium pro) They plan to use this cpu as a building block for the new generation of intel based videocards too, in groups of 8,16,32,etc. 64 of such cores with 2 threads per core (=128 threads) would only mean 128Watts of power, about as much as a current day 8 core, 128 threads nvidia gf8800 card eats.



I'm struggling to see how they'll use this as the "building block" for a videocard. The reference design here is a general purpose processing unit that would be rather ineffective at doing graphics. GPUs are special purpose and a lot less flexible, generally speaking they're Simple Instruction, Multiple Data processors. While a CPU could do the job of a GPU, it wouldn't do it as efficiently. Similarly a GPU wouldn't have the flexibility to do the work of a CPU.

Anonymous Coward

wow, Déjà vu

I have a 2Ghz P4, that doesn't have HT. And yet, It feels like some kind of weird time warp. Why should anyone be excited about HT tech? Really. It was a bad idea when it first came out, its a bad idea now.

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