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back to article Indian IT sector will employ 2m by end of 2008

The Indian IT industry is on track to hit revenues of $64bn, up 33 per cent, by the end of this year and to employ some two million people. Figures from Nasscom - the National Association of Software and Service Companies - predict software and services exports will be worth $40bn, while domestic sales raise $23bn in the …


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Running like a train?

What, an Indian train? You mean unreliable, apt to go off the rails at a moments notice and with lots of freeloading hangers-on?

Good analogy.



Are we talking the skilled variety of IT here, or simply the incomprehensible Microsoft telephone support type that dont know jack sh*t except how to install their remote control software on your PC to diagnose your problems with (badly).

I'd wager >80% the latter.

Dead Vulture

Like a train

One guy at the front, doing something, one guy in the back making sure nothing falls off, two thousand inbetween, along for the ride.

Been there, seen that.

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$64bn from selling bank details? nice.

'firms were becoming increasingly specialised -

a sign of a maturing industry'

''No, not Deli! Derby'

'Yes, Deli'

''No, I said Derby, D, E, R, B, Y'

'Yes sir, Deli, thanking you sir'

'I'm sorry sir, due to the data protection act I can't tell you

who I am, but I will sell your details to my cousin, he gives

me $5 per name and bank details.....'



Time for Career Planning

Hopefully all the professional developers have actually learned how business works and are making plans to become business professionals instead of computer geeks. Those without plans will be left behind as the sandal brigade marches onward.

Outside of super specialized jobs outsourced (Indian anyway) projects generally return a product of comparable quality to western work and at a substantially reduced price. Seeing as Indian IT people are willing to work for a decent wage it's inevitable that they dominate the IT industry.

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re: Like a train

Before we get too snooty about it, at least the trains still work even when you have leaves (whatever kind) on the track!

You do not hear of the threat of a strike by railway workers every month.

And it successfully serves its primary purpose as a public service - providing cheap transport to the masses. You can still travel 1000 Kilometers in an Air-conditioned chair car for £8, or for about £1 in the standard II nd class.

Anonymous Coward

Re: $64bn from selling bank details?

"$5 per name and bank details"

64 Billion divided by 5 = 12.8 Billion.

Current population of this planet = 6 Billion Humans.

Population of US+UK = 300 Million.

QED - You CANNOT make $64 Billion by merely selling bank details at $5.

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