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back to article Shuttle XPC Glamour SN68PTG6

If you’ve previously seen a Shuttle XPC barebones PC, the SN68PTG6 will be instantly familiar. It follows the firm's standard small form-factor system design that resembles two cubes attached one to the other, but this time with some design highlights and the firm's Glamour label. The main cover is retained by three …


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show us the guts

Open the box, show us pics of the drive bays, memory slots, ribbon cables, pci slots, etc. And try to install an OS fit for humans to use.


RE: show us the guts

It's a barebones system, there's not much to see. It'll just be a motherboard with the requisite fans.

From page 2, two mem slots, 1 PCI-E at x16, 1 PCI (probably not in use with a big graphics card), 1 ATA133, 2 SATA ports, 2 E-Sata ports etc

If it's a standard Shuttle case (which it looks), it'll have 1 5.25" bay and 2 3.5" bays, they usually lay across the top of the machine directly under the cover.


But for which price!

Recently bought a mainboard TF7050. Everything onboard, yes. As media center. Inclusive Athlonx2, 2GB RAM, 250GB hard drive.

All in all a tad less than 150£.

Now can someone tell me, why anyone should want to spent above 200£ for the barebone Shuttle?

Paris Hilton

A 8800GT on a 110W source?

Really? With no performance difference? Call me Paris but I wouldn't expect that to work.


More than 110W, less noise

I have the older shuttle. Its a 250W powersupply, and not a lot is used by the motherboard! I didnt like the fan either, so I ran a cable out the front for the DVD Drive, and put the case face down, with a 4' tube over the fan hole. Im suprised how hot it does get, really, but it has not crashed since I got rid of some software problems. It runs 24/7.

The MSI NX8800? Really? It ( the card only ) requires 26As on the 12v Rails. Not likely considering its a 250W Ps.

I think that these machines are great! They are 1/3 the size of a normal computer, and pack a Lot of Power.


You're correct about the PSU

I don't have the SN68PTG6 here any longer so I checked with Shuttle and the word is that it's a 300W unit from the Shuttle "SilentX" series with a 20-pin ATX and 4-pin ATX 12V connector.

My error - well spotted.

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