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back to article AMD heralds its first working 45nm CPUs

AMD's 45nm quad-core processors may not yet be ready to buy, but the chip maker said this week it has working versions in the lab running on test machines. It re-iterated its plan to ship the CPUs in the second half of the year. The desktop version of the part is codenamed 'Deneb', a Socket AM3 part that'll ship as a Phenom …


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What about 65nm?

This is all very well but what is AMD actually shipping: not 4-core 65nm Barcelona yet for servers, only 2-core, 90nm Rev F Opteron...


Here's what.

AMD missed the boat on 65 nm. Intel is selling 45 nm XEONS (53xx) cheaper than 65 nm XEONS (51xx). Other CPU vendors are also moving into sub-65 nm production. If AMD concentrates on 65 nm then it will only put itself further behind. AMD is trying to jump over 65 nm and get back into the game.

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