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back to article Intel's first quad-core mobile aimed at gamers

Intel has been known to have roadmapped its first quad-core mobile processor for a Q3 release - it demo'd the beast back in October 2007 - but now precise product details have emerged. The gaming-oriented Core 2 Extreme QX9300 is - surprise, surprise - a 45nm 'Penryn' processor, so it contains plenty of L2 cache: 12MB to be …


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How many games

make full use of multiple cores?


Buy a real computer

If you want to play games, get a desktop. If you get a laptop with this chip, all you get is a moderately small desktop with a 15 minute UPS built in. A desktop that would game as well as a laptop with this chip would probably cost around $600, especially since you don't need 4 cores to play a game. For that you couldn't even buy this CP, and you don't get stuck with a laptop GPU, laptop harddrive, or laptop ram.

I really don't get this laptop craze. Laptops are supposed to be portable, so they should be light, small, and durable. 17 inch monitors on 16 pound behemoths with a raid0 setup (Alienware did it at least once) are just so beyond useless.

To compare, I have ~450 lbs of computer and monitor on and under my desk, but my laptop just weighs 4lbs.



excellent point NEX. Laptop manufactures seem to have adopted a "because we can" attitude to shoe horning hardware into the machines but rendering them useless for the purpose they were originally intended for... Carrying around. Consumers are lapping it up too and I just don't get why.



Simple - for those living in cramped quarters (most of the urbanized world), laptops take less storage/usage space than desktops do. I can set up three laptops on a desk which is barely big enough for a "mini-tower" desktop and its paraphernalia; two are in near-constant use.

There's also the "SUV factor" to think about. Just as carmakers make a lot more profit on SUVs than they do on generic sedans, PC makers can sell laptops at a significant premium over similarly-equipped desktops. Look for that quad-core mobile laptop to debut at 30%-60% more than a comparable desktop system - and to fly off the shelves.

Apple, of course, is a different situation entirely. As the CEO of Rolex was famously quoted as saying, "I'm not in the watch business. I'm in the luxury business." It's still a good decade to be an Apple shareowner. Much better, in fact, than owning (never mind licensing) Microsoft.


Make a new Mac snappier!

Maybe not for games but it'd be nice to see that chip in some Macs! MacBook Pro or the next iMac revision.

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