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back to article AMD readies third Radeon HD 3800-series GPU line

AMD will next month launch the ATI Radeon HD 3830, an 'RV670'-based graphics card said to have been designed to pull the rug from under Nvidia's low-end-of-the-top-range offerings. So claim industry moles cited by Chinese-language site HKEPC. They say the 3830 will contain the same 320 unified shader processors as the 3850 and …


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Now if they would stop cranking out budget cards and deliver a single gpu card that can compete with the 8800 GTS and upcoming GTX I would be a happy individual.


Or you could come with us on the nvidia bandwagon

Ive been with nvidia since the tnt days, only before that was with 3dfx.

Maybe I do need to be shown the AMD/ATI ways and move away from intel/nvidia

Of course, you know im joking,,, right?

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