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back to article Rambus wins big in monopoly ding-dong

Rambus won big in the courtroom today, with a jury deciding the company had properly obtained patents for technology later incorporated into fast memory chip standards. So it's not a cheating monopoly after all, as memory chip makers Hynix, Micron and Nanya had sought to establish in US District Court in San Jose, California. …


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Anonymous Coward

Your Rambus Bias is Showing

Another Rambus hatchet job by another would be "journalist." Rambus won because they are the victims here and a jury saw it so quickly it took them one whole morning to decide a six week case.. Rambus will win the FTC appeal (a no brainer for those of us who did actual research in this stock, unlike would be "journalists), As for Micron, what else would they say after they got their ass kicked. Their appeal will go nowhere because they had no case to begin with. If Micron had a case here they could have presented ACTUAL proof of their allegations, but they did not.

As far as the EU is concerned all they are is a socialist political organization who loves to steal property rights from American inventors so the big businesses of Europe can steal patents legally. Nothing more than protectionism in its most vile form, that's the EU and all your worthless European Kangaroo courts are in the same league.

The American legal system may be slow, but at least it dispenses justice. Just wait until Rambus sticks that big bad Anti Trust suit up the price-fixers bottoms later this year. I'm sure you will write more anti Rambus and useless drivel then too.

Black Helicopters

Hoard RAM now?

Looks like I better hoard up on RAM now, since inevitably if RAMBUS wins, the price of RAM will go up.

On the other hand, there are probabilities that RAM makers will gang up and create a new type of royalty-free type of memory, which will inevitably render all the current RAM in the market useless.

Tough one.


Jury of your peers

The problem with the US justice system is that it doesn't provide what it promises. A jury is said to be made up of "a jury of your peers". The problem with that is that is simply isn't true. A jury is made up of people who were civil-minded enough to appear for jury duty, people who mostly don't care about the case and just want to get home as soon as possible (or, for longer cases, unemployed people who want the case to continue as long as possible so they can keep collecting the $50/day the court pays them).

If the jury in this case were truly made up of Rambus' peers, then every jury member would be in the IT industry, preferably in the memory industry. If it's just the average Joe off the street (which it is), then it's not a jury of your peers. A jury of your community, perhaps, but not a jury of your peers. Imagine if we applied the same rules and terminology to other industries. Imagine if a medical peer review simply meant "reviewed by another person living in the community".

Thumb Down

Rambus? I thought they'd layed down and died...

After the big loud noise of every IT person in the world yelling about this back when DDR(1) was just coming out, and then the sudden silence from Rambus, I had assumed they were dead and burried.

All this is just bad news for everyone involved (except Rambus).


@1st AC

I don't know much about the RAMBUS case, but I do know that you are very much mistaken about the American Legal system. There isn't one American Legal system, there is one in each state plus the federal. If you are prosecuting a case like this, you look for the most sympathetic state to host the trial, the cook up sock cock and bull reason why it should be tried there. How can that possibly be fair?

Secondly, local judges (not sure about Federal) are elected, what the fuck is that about?(If you don't think that there are any problems with this, look at the deep south and the civil rights protesters that were murdered in 1964.) Also, Supreme court judges are appointed by whoever happens to be ruling at the time a new one is required so you can end up with massive religeo-political bias for years down the line.

Oh and the EU may be liberal (little L), but it is not socialist. And I'd take my chances in the EU courts any day over the American courts.

Anonymous Coward

The American Legal system

I am affraid, is more like a lotto system really.

Paris Hilton

The American Legal System

In the United States, federal judges are appointed to the bench by the president of the united states, but they must be confirmed by the senate, its a lifetime appointment.

state and county superior court judges are also appointed, by the governor of each state, they are appointed for a 4 year term, they then go up in front of the voters to renew their term, in Arizona at least, when the judges are put on the ballot, they face no competition, nor can they campaign, its simply a yes or no vote to whether or not the judge stays on the bench...

The only elected judges are Justice of the peace, which campaign and are elected by political process, justice of the peace, for lack of a better term are baby judges, they can only handle civil claims worth $2500 or less and criminal cases that carry less than 18 month jail terms... they are not required to have any legal experience what so ever.

Paris, because shes just as dense as several of the people who have commented on this story...

Gates Horns

Oh, how did they mess up so bad

I remember the days when Intel chose Rambus to be the supplier of memory to their next generation of chipsets.

Rambus share price shot up, imagine you had to use Rambus Technology to power your machine.

But Rambus got greedy, wanted the whole market to themselves and wouldn't share. Charged too much for memory (in relation to CPU prices at the time that is) and got stung. The industry created an Alternative (DDR1), Intel dumped Rambus as soon as they realised the VD that they were and the share price went down the toilet.

Today all they have left is to sue people to keep the company alive, how sad but that is the American way...... Remember Pride or in this case Greed, always comes before a fall....

Anonymous Coward

Re:Your Rambus Bias is Showing

Please. Who are you kidding with your hogwash about the American legal system and the socialist leanings of the EU?

Your justice system is a joke, just like your patent system. Get real and stop drinking your koolaid. You give Americans a bad reputation.

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