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back to article Intel's 'Bloomfield' spied ahead of IDF public demo

Intel's next-generation 45nm processor architecture, 'Nehalem', made an appearance at the as-yet-unopened Intel Developer Forum (IDF) event today. A number of machines sported four-core versions of the chip. One, packed inside a Supermicro box, was running complex flow analysis - making a flag wave in the wind - on all eight …


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next gen chip last gen OS?

looks like intel are neatly side stepping the vista issues bu running that demo machine on XP - is that intels way of saying not even the latest quad core monsters can create a decent vista experience?...#



Am I missing something or.....

is there more to animating a flag than meets the eye.

Is that really the most impressive method of demonstrating its abilities?

Jobs Halo

Your correct

Its not the most impressive method.....

Rendering naked girls at 1080P would be............

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