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back to article Intel still telling Yorker corker

When pushed to tell us where its missing 'Yorkfield' wonder chips are, Intel's spin staff told us to "check our favorite e-tailer." W did, probing a number of stores, and found nothing but more delay notices. Last month, a couple of hacks noticed that the quad-core Yorkfield chips were missing. At that time, Intel vowed that …


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Pork Pies and chips

Love it. ;)

Apart from bragging rights, is there any point in having quad cores on desktops?

I have a couple of dual core boxes here and the only thing that appears to actually use both cores fully is the folding@home smp client.

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Quad Core on the desktop? That depends on what you use your desktop for. Your average Wanking-and-Banking users don't need quad cores, obviously, but some of us will use whatever CPU you give us for VisualHub, Handbrake, Virtual Machines, etc. The more the merrier!

Anonymous Coward

Future lawsuit from AMD in the making

Are they tearing a page out of AMD's book on how not to release new chips...

and yes, four cores is worth it just for cutting the video rendering that I do

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Luv it!

"Porkies" - class!



Point taken. ;)

In my defence, when I see desktop I think home users and general office work, what you describe I think workstation.

Wankers and Bankers? I'm having trouble seeing a difference between those two at this moment in time. ;)

This topic is closed for new posts.



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