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back to article Schmidt and Benioff try to rain on Microsoft parade

Google’s Eric Schmidt and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff took to the stage at the Four Seasons in San Francisco yesterday to dismiss Microsoft old software biz models at the official launch of Salesforce for Google Apps. As we reported yesterday, Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform has been integrated with …


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charlton heston put his vest on

You can have my local hard drive based OS when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.

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Here we go again

And who is it again that decides when it is ok to down the system for routine "upgrades" ?

Bye Bye Europe & Asia ....

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@dave hands

Well said!


Our systems, our data, our privacy

In addition to the hardware issues, now there's additional reliance on ISPs and throughput. Where is all of my companies private financial information going to be stored? On my sites, that's where. Cloud bad. Network good.



The synergies here are great. This has much potential

- Shelon Padmore


Google Cloud

And why would I want to rent time on Google's servers to run (interpreted) Python code?


interresting notions for discussion

I do agree with the " private data , private hardware " principle.

In fact one does not null out the other at all but is the basis for

something totally exciting.

If all the known apps are on a server somewhere , no matter where ,and

that this is a known " clean source " of applications , i wouldn't mind at

all being anywhere on the planet, take on any computer , put in my USB key , or whatever device i keep my private data on , and use the apps that the server is loading on the PC.

I could have any program that i paid licenses for , served to me

on any computer i wish to use and sit at . ! .. im in Rio and need to

change a drawing ? fire up autocad the web edition and do it right

there at any workstation .. The concept is fantastic.

It's application in reality is another.

We need to look forward to the future , and dream ,

dreamers that shape tomorrow's reality.

We need to reinvent and shape the future to make

it a better place for all.In this matter , Google has made

tremendous steps.

Right now , it's pretty dang pathetic :D

I'll be off


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Clouds ...

rubbish, why should I trust Goo-gley more than M$? And how is this less proprietary??? Since the soft is Google's and me data would be on Goo-gley's servers ???

Massive clouds usually bring massive thunderstorms ... can't wait to hear the thunder.

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I'll keep my own OS but not an M$ bloated one

Says it all really. A minimal OS with browser of choice is all we will need.



Funny old game...

Can't help but think that this all sounds a bit like the old msft v open source battle that Msft have long since won...

Would I trust Google over Msft? would I trust the 'cloud' over my own secured infrastructure that essentially holds the intellectual value of my business? would I trust the program managers and IT peeps in the 'cloud'? Would their aims fit with mine?...We've already see SaaS downtimes (and from some of the biggest vendors)...we've already seen the 'cloud' in the UK moan and groan to breaking point....and of course I know that when they screw up and my data ends up being found on a hard drive somewhere then I shouldn't be at all bothered..

But hey, Salesforce and google say that we should party now anyway...and just trust them?

...No thanks, and for those of you that like the cutting edge - good luck, you'll need it!


glad to see Microsoft go

It seems Microsoft is on its way out - glad to see it.

A huge company engulfing smaller startups and intimidating everyone else is of no help to the advancement of computer science.


Don't be a fool

Microsoft will be right behind them touting their own cloud compute platform.

And Gordon Daives, you could hardly be more wrong. Microsoft has won nothing. They will have to drop price to keep competitive, I already see this playing out everywhere when MS comes knocking looking to "true up" your contracts.


Not me

You won't find be taking apps off my HD. No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!



not gonna happen, I have a server to store all that. Locked up where I know it is, who has access to it, and what I spilled behind that I don't want to clean up yet.

Most importantly, where the backup of it is, when it was taken, etc.

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