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back to article Microsoft slings multiple sue balls at resellers

Microsoft has filed piracy lawsuits in a US federal court against eight firms it accuses of selling illegal versions of its software. The tech multinational alleges that the resellers gained from illegal sales involving the unlawful importation of unlicensed software into North America from multiple dealers overseas. Microsoft …


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One way to make friends I suppose

Either that, or they are running low of funds!!

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Ubuntu it is!

Well, where I work, we've had the following go down several times:

(Some person): "Oh these machines have XP licenses on them, it'd be easier for some people if they came with XP"

(technicians): *throws some chairs* "But, the drivers! And the install is slower."

Boss asks legal department: "Can we put XP on these machines?"

Legal: "Sure I suppose it's fine"

Boss: "Can I get that in writing?"

Legal: "..."

Boss: "Ubuntu it is then!"

The Ubuntu install is automated so I PXE boot the machine and walk away. (I'm running a netinstall rather than ghosting because I want to exercise the hardware a little to help catch faulty systems.) It includes drivers for the hardware we get, which ranges from 1 to 8 years old more or less. We tried an automated XP install, and we get so many different systems it seems like every time we plugged one in it'd install with missing drivers. The legal aspect is the real clincher though -- we won't have Canonical come and hassle us like we could with Microsoft!


Claims customers were 'deceived'

By being led to believe they were buying a working, final product.


In other news...

Whiny bitches whine and bitch.

The only unfortunate aspect of this is that the money the company made came from paying customers instead of being directly stolen from an MS bank account.


Ubuntu for refurbisher charities!

More UBuntu is being installed PXE with netboot!

Currently converting a charity that ships 1400 complete systems... M$ MAR cost them $4000 last year along with much concern over drivers, that has all gone away with Linux installs!

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