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back to article AMD to hire TSMC to fab 'Fusion' CPUs?

AMD is said to be planning to add chip foundry TSMC's name to its (short) list of processor production partners later this year. TSMC's alleged role: to fab AMD's upcoming 'Fusion' CPU. So say unnamed industry sources cited by DigiTimes, and the notion isn't without merit or precedent. AMD already uses Singapore's Chartered …


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Creating Revisionary Leaderships.....?

This is an interesting parallel shared on another AMD development tales ...."This is not an attack/development at the operating system level, it is a much deeper and much smarter virtualised reprogramming of the OS right at and from the core processor unit levels….both CPU and GPU.

What you have is Virtual Machine IntelAIgents rebooting Operating Systems to make use of Future Memory Compilations rather than being Dependent on or ControlLed by any Present or Past Memory Access." ....

Bravo, AMD...... Boldly Going at last and planning on showing AI Lead?


amanfromMars makes sense?

Perhaps it is not our lowly man who is making sense, perhaps it is us who have FiNally learned how to understand Him.

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