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back to article HP settles patent row with Acer

Acer today confirmed that it has finally settled an ugly ongoing patent spat with Hewlett-Packard. The Taiwan-based computer maker said in a statement: “The confidential settlement agreement resolves all claims asserted in three federal court lawsuits and two United States International Trade Commission investigations between …


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HP Vs Acer

If I were Acer I'd probably now check my rear end for bugging devices.

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I want to urge Reg readers to NOT buy Acer laptops. Ever.


HP and backdoors

is Acer next to be sued for updater software with virii friendly backdoors built in ?

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Why NOT buy Acer?

My Ferrari 4000 has been an absolute workhorse for 3 years now and is still going strong. BY FAR the best laptop I've ever had!


Re:Why NOT buy Acer

I agree my 9302 is faultless, no exploding power suppliys or PSU (like my old Dell)

And BTW I work a 'HP company'


Anonymous Coward

Re: why not Acer

3 years ago I bought 3 HP laptops, 2 of them developed screen problems within months. Within the past 2 years,I have bought 4 Acer Laptops, all work perfectly.

Paris Hilton

re: Why NOT buy Acer

I had the original Ferrari and apart from the ingress of excessive amounts of cat hair which clogged the CPU fan and made it overheat and switch off (repaired under warranty with no questions asked), it gave me no trouble at all. Sold it to a mate who's back at Uni doing a Phd and it makes the daily trek to and from home without complaint and also luckily for it, no cat hair.

Paris...'cos I bet she doesn't have all the problems that go with a hairy pussy.

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Chris Mellor

How long before Blue Big HQ pulls the plug on the whole thing?

Chris Mellor

Drives nails forged with Red Hat iron into VCE's coffin
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Trevor Pott

Forget big-spending globo biz: it's about the consumer... and he's desperate for a nap


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