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back to article Initial Intel 'Nehalem' CPUs as cheap as chips

Pssst! Want an Intel 'Nehalem' processor on the cheap? Well, just go and ask the chip giant for one. It's 2.66GHz 'Bloomfield' CPU has been price at just $284, it has been claimed. That's the batch price, of course. To get it, you'll have to buy a 1000 CPUs at once - boxed Bloomfields will come in slightly higher than that. …


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bye bye LGA775

Bang goes my idea of sticking one of these in my nforce 650i based board.



Well, yes. Did you think all those pins for memory would fit in 775?

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1336 pins!

Didn't they ever read Ivor Catt?

How about 3 pins per bus, data in, out and clock?

Easy to make the buss tracks all the same length and 400GHz data clock is possible (= 80GBytes / second duplex)

Three pins for 64 bit PCI @ 66MHz is only 4.224GHz clock

MUCH cheaper packages and motherboards.

No reason not to have serial DDR3. It (serial interconnect) was done with PATA/IDE/ATAPI and Wide SCSI.

Admittedly you might need teflon PCB, but two layers (signal/power on top, ground plane on bottom) would do.

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