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back to article Nvidia's GeForce 9 GPU trio

Nvidia has taken the wraps off its latest graphics processing units (GPUs), which it claims cater for the increasing number of PC applications requiring more graphics horsepower for visuals. GeForce_9500_GT_3qtr_2 Nvidia GeForce series 9 GPU The GeForce 9800 GTX+, 9800 GT and 9500 GT GPUs – the latter of which features on …


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reality check

so many stream processors, megahertzes, and gfx boards linked through SLI, and yet so little 'immersion'. Intel & AMD are running circles around any NV board. NV, go fix your 2D performance first before using the I-word.


what planet are you on

Your are joking right? Intel are not even in the game and AMD have been lagging behind for about a year now mostly for pushing the ATI path.

Amd's power consumption is pathetic not to mention the host of issues with CPU and memory timing problems, the best boards about are NV based like it or not that is just fact, and I am certainly not a NV fan boy by any streach , but I do accept reality and hard facts.


ho, shiyat!

the dell with the dual 8800GTX in SLI is the current daddy..

their gona have to get these set up in SLI to beat that..




stuff and nonsense:


last month maybe

the 280 in sli is the Daddy as you put it running on ethier

nVIDIA nForce 680i SLI Dual SLI

nVIDIA nForce 790i SLI 3- way SLI

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