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back to article Notebook sales lead Lenovo in Q1

Lenovo said today that revenues were up 10 per cent during its fiscal first quarter, boosted by strong notebook sales and an expanding market in China. The Beijing-based firm, which is the world's fourth biggest computer maker, reported net income of $110m for the quarter that ended June 30, up from $66.8m a year earlier. …


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IT Angle


I'm always surprised when I hear Lenovo do well. Their laptops could make lethal weapons, going by their chunky "my first laptop" proportions!

Thumb Up


I am writing this comment on the Lenovo Thinkpad I received this morning so I can attest to their chunkiness but it's a nice change from the poorly built, flacid Sony Vaio I owned for a month before returning it.

Jobs Horns

decent little notebooks too

I like the T61p sitting next to me. Powerful and tough, which are the major items on my wish list. Hardware FDE is a nice bonus.... I wasn't planning to fill it up with peoples personal details and leave it on a train or anything, but it's nice to know the option is there.

I much prefer it to the crappy, flakey Dell machines I am usually forced to use. And personally I'm not one of these 'small is better' notebook people, mainly as I'm not planning to use it whilst lying around on the beach in a bikini like the Asus girl....

Anyway, glad to see they are doing well with their ugly little offerings, rather them than one of these style-over-substance manufacturers everyone seems to worship.

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