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back to article Intel releases USB 3.0 controller interface spec

Intel has provided chipset makers with a draft specification for a USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Interface (XHCI), making good a promise it made a couple of months ago. According to the chip giant, the XCHI will allow chipset makers to develop hardware that can communicate with USB 3.0 system software in a standardised, …


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Thanks intel!!

This should speed up the delivery of databases, from source to "geeza in the pub"!!


So what your saying is....

So what your saying is, Intel have decided to release the hardware/firmware design specs of a new generation piece of kit so other hardware manufacturers can ensure there kit all works with it!

Isn't that a bit pro-active for the IT market, surely they've not been reading the 'redmond book of how to win friends and influence people'


SuperSpeed USB?

Do you think they ever realised during the heady "High Speed" USB days thought "Wait a minute, there may be a faster version out someday that we'll need a name for?"

Next one's Ultraspeed USB, then Hyperspeed USB, then USB-DOMINATING.

Also, 5GBit/sec? That's pretty damn impressive- faster than most home Ethernet kit. What's its' maximum range between devices?


@So what your saying is....

This is why the will be revising the spec in Q4!

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"This should speed up the delivery of databases, from source to "geeza in the pub"!!" ..... Gordon Pryra • Thursday 14th August 2008 08:39 GMT

And turning that around a Bit, Gordon, allows what is probably more of the truth in the Virtualisation business and the Genesis of and in ITs Genius .... This should speed up the delivery of databases, from "geeza in the pub" to source!! although the SMARTer geezas will have moved on into the Pleasure Palaces/Houses of the Rising Sun, where even SMARTer Still Mentors have Prepared for their EduTainment and ReProgramMIng/Assimilation........ for the NXXXXT Levels of Global Control Work, Rest and Play under Altogether AIdDifferent Set of Rules and Rulers.



@adam foxton

Nope. After Superspeed coms Ridiculous speed and then finally we will have ludicrous speed.

The connectors capable of doing ludicrous speed will have a little label that saya 'we brake for nobody'


USB 3.0 the dawn of something faster

No doubt PC-World will bring out a line of USB 3.0 compatible cables priced at £49.99 only problem being they will only be 4 inches long !!

I think they should call it USB 5.0 (theoretical) if the wind is blowing in the right direction and the moon is rising ;¬)

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Lets just hope these speeds don't fall schwartz of the mark


@Derek Brabrook

anyone silly enough to buy said cable wants shot


Ohh Gawd, nooo please dont....

USB1 killed the CPU, then came v2, which really murders CPUs, Lets hope that Intel has stolen Firewire's ideas and sticks all the processing onchip, and not onCPU!

Anyway, whats the matter with external SATA interfaces?

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