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back to article Intel talks up CPU+GPU system chippery

Intel's next major move in system intregration will be to bring its I/O technology and remaining northbridge functionality into a single chip, 'Ibex Peak', it revealed at its Developer Forum this week. Ibex Peak will target 2009's second-strand 'Nehalem' processor releases, 'Lynnfield', 'Clarksfield', 'Havendale' and ' …


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Low power?

Lets hope they can get their 2.5W processors teamed up with Sub 20W chipsets. The Atom was a big disappointment in this area.

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Dust in the eyes

Integrating everything on one chip is the future but as always Intel makes it the lamest way. PCIe graphics ?!!?!?!! right next to the cpu on one chip ?!?!?! What's wrong with these ppl. Instead of cutting off those pesky useless overhead-only pcie controllers and implement way more efficient on chip communication between both. They simply stuck'em on one chip. One might argue that this will preserve backwards software compatibility, but it's exactly this retarded kind of thinking that got us into the current state of our world where one can spend 1000$ on a multi billion transistor cpu that boots in 16-bit mode with 64k crappy memory segments. But on the other hand a more reasonably thinking man would think that the real reason behind this so called "integration" is not technological revollution but a mere attempt to engage the user to the manufacturer. As amd are also trying.

But hey what do you expect when the product is designed not by engineer-visioners but by greedy economist leeches.

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Nice to have some pictures in this article!

I remember trying to read another roadmap article just a couple days ago - it is nice to have the images in this one!

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