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back to article AMD to target Atom with... Athlon

The first thrust of AMD's two-pronged attack on Intel's Atom processor will be launched in November, leaked roadmap slides have revealed. Last week, we noted after one such bean spillage that November will see the introduction of "AMD Ultra-Value Client (UVC)" processors. Now, we assumed this was a reference to Geode parts, …


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Excellent ... but

"The UVC CPUs will be sold only to OEMs"


*thought bubble pops*

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Now let's see how AMD's marketing team perform ...

A 15W TDP Athlon 64 CPU coupled with the 740G (or 780G even at 11.4W load/1W idle) and SB700 will be good competition for the 4W Atom + 22W i945 + ICH in terms of power consumption whilst outperforming it graphically and computationally.

Unless AMD have done work on package sizes however, it will use up a lot more real estate, which might limit this chips usefulness to VSFF PCs like the EeeBox.

Shame that the 740G loses the HD decode acceleration that the 780G gained. The 780V doesn't have it either. There is an M780G that might have a lower TDP however, but confusingly articles suggest it has a higher TDP than the desktop 780G... maybe the chipset could be underclocked!


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re: Excellent ... but

A lot of OEM parts show up at places like NewEgg. It just means it won't come in a Retail box with a bundled cooler.

One thing that's good is you will be able to get a motherboard with DVI or HDMI output which apparently is something that Intel does not allow the Atom to do. The 780g might make a very nice HTPC.

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