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back to article McAfee snaps up Secure Computing

McAfee is buying smaller IT security rival Secure Computing for $465m in cash. Secure Computing is best known for its firewall and security appliances product lines but more recently it has been busy on the acquisition front, most recently with a deal to buy user control firm Securify for $20m earlier this month. Prior to that …


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Craig Kensek

Good acquisition by McAfee. Secure Computing has great technology. Adds some credence to the "best innovations are by smaller organizations" argument. This strengthens and broadens MFE's product portfolio while giving them more bragging rights about having products in the leader's quadrants of Gartner's Magic Quadrants.

Jobs Halo

Craig Kensek ... of McAfee

Well now Craig, you would say that, given that you're a McAfee marketing drone ...



Will be interesting to see the distribution fallout from this one. McAfee have 5 distributors and SecureComputing have only just recently dropped Bell (one of McAfee's distributors) in favour of a sole distribution contract with Sphinx. Sphinx must be pretty miffed. I wonder what the resellers think?



Now at least one component of their utterly atrocious shite might actually work worth a piss.


Well, now I know what not to buy...

McAfee will likely kill Secure Computing in the same way they continue to commit slow suicide themselves. They'll water down the product, and milk it by scare-tactic advertising, and setting deep, hard-to-remove hooks in the customers they do gain.

Smart IT departments can find better alternatives to any product McAfee offers, and probably for a lesser price.


How am I supposed to use Snapgear stuff now?!

First Snapgear was bought out by Cyberguard, then they by Secure Computing, and now they by McAfee?!

What next? The phasing out of one of the most useful and successful product lines I've seen? I mean, if I use Linux anywhere, it's in these little boxes.

Mine's the one with the Sonicwall rep's business card inside

Anonymous Coward

Distributor "fallout"

IQ Sys is also a Disti for Secure Computing...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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