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back to article Hynix ramps GDDR 5 clock speed to 7GHz

Hynix has introduced GDDR 5 memory capable of running at a whopping 7GHz, though you're going to have to wait until next year to get hold of it. The memory company yesterday unveiled the high-speed video Ram in the form of a 54nm 1Gb chip. At 7GHz, the new part is 35.7 per cent faster than current top-of-the-line GDDR 5, which …


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That's the buzzer telling you you're wrong. If it is 2.5GHz faster at 7GHz above 4.5GHz, then the equation to me should be 2.5 divided by 4.5 giving a fraction of 0.55 which is 55.5% faster, not your 37.5% faster.

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