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back to article SanDisk's faster netbook flash

SanDisk has announced new netbook and USB thumb drive flash products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Consumer flash It has mimicked the Maxtor OneTouch backup idea with a flash drive. The Ultra Backup USB flash drive will backup files when a button is touched and stores from 8GB to 64GB of data. Access to the …


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3Gbit/s SATA 1?

"Each uses a 3Gbit/s SATA 1 interface"

that's SATA 2 speed....



Apple have finally come across the concept of backups, and you use them as a *reference*? ... "completely automated backup, like Apple's Time Machine, is even simpler. "

Yeah, and so was NT backup, 10 years ago. The only thing "simple" is that Time Machine backs up all files by default. To not backup the crap you don't want, you have to start configuring. Most backup software is the opposite - you *select* what you want. I wonder if Apple have patented this wonderful technology yet - that the "Select All" option is *pre-selected*. Stunning innovation!


Don't shoot the messenger

Sorry Peter, this from an anonymous source...

"SATA II misnomer

Popular usage may refer to the 3.0 Gbit/s specification as "Serial ATA II" ("SATA II" or "SATA2"), contrary to the wishes of the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) which defines the standard. SATA II was originally the name of a committee defining updated SATA standards, of which the 3 Gbit/s standard was just one. However since it was among the most prominent features defined by the former SATA II committee, the name SATA II became synonymous with the 3 Gbit/s standard, so the group has since changed names to the Serial ATA International Organization, or SATA-IO, to avoid further confusion."

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