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back to article SanDisk flashes notebook flash

SanDisk has unveiled faster notebook flash SSDs using its ExtremeFFS technology and with a new controller, a day after attacking the netbook market. This is what SanDisk hope will start making inroads into notebook hard drive displacement. The SATA 7000 family consists of C25-G3 (third generation 2.5-inch form factor) and C18 …


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What this needs

Is a business card sized bootable CDROM which will migrate your operating system from a hard drive to the SSD without breaking the bootloader.

(And a way to plug both the hard drive and the SSD into the laptop at the same time).


power consumption?

What about power consumption vs. hdd? no info in article and this is major motive for poss switch/upgrade on a laptop/notebook.

Link to sandisk website no help either.

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"Pretty crap machines"

I have a 4 year old ThinkPad T42 with a 40GB HDD in it that's working beatifully well under Ubuntu. Its only downside really is that the HDD is quite slow: as a result, a lot of applications are limited by the disk, not by the processor (it rarely leaves its lowest P-state @ 800MHz when it could run @ 1.7GHz). So a shiny new SSD like this could significantly improve the performance of the machine while still being cheaper than buying a new laptop. I want one! (this is the second time today I say this on a Reg comment, it's going to cost me...)


120G is a reasonable macbook upgrade

The Toshiba 5400 RPM 80G in my late 2006 whitebook is underwhelming.

2G Core 2 Duo is no slouch, and i put 4G of ram in it for us$60 (yes, i know i can only use 3.2G of it).

given that AlBooks dont have firewire, i wont be upgrading to them *ever* so i will want to eek as much improvement as i can out of my whitebook.

this seems optimal


Just what my Powerbook needs!

the last paragraph states a PATA model!!! if this is true, then sign me up for one of those!!!

my 1.67ghz G4 powerbook is almost my perfect machine, except for the limitation of an 80gb 7200rpm hard drive... now, if i can get me a drive as fast, or faster, with twice the capacity, then a very happy man it will make!!


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Performance hike?

There was I under the impression that existing XP notebooks frequently outperformed new machines by adopting the simple expedient of not having Vista installed.

(Someone had to say it.)

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Not many 3 year old lappy's with SATA drives

Don't attempt to upgrade of an IDE drive with an SATA SSD. They aren't compatible.

Paris, cause ... oink


Odd assumption

"The implication of this is that these SSDs won't improve the performance of newer notebook computers"

I don't think that's the implication at all. The implication is that Sandisk are trying to persuade people that it's worth upgrading their current laptops with this technology, instead of shelling out for new ones. The "three year" figure is there only to convince us that even really old laptops are worth saving. It's an inspired marketing tactic, but I can't see it working.

Luckily, as the price of these things continues to drop, they'll end up as standard in notebooks anyway. It surely has to be worth it for the durability and power consumption advantages alone.

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