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back to article Semiconductor industry tries to re-architect itself

In the face of a foundry chip glut and recession-induced demand slump the world's semi-conductor industry is experiencing shock and disruption with moves afoot for government aid, mergers and a bankruptcy. The Japanese Nikkei newspaper reports that Japan-based Elpida is going to combine with three Taiwan-based semi-conductor …


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Stop making up crap words

The word is "redesign." Redesign, not "re-architect."

An architect is a person who *designs* buildings.


@Eddie: get a dictionary

Mine says:

"Re-architect: to redesign, make fundamental design changes"

Don't be so narrow minded. Architects do much more than design buildings. They design ships, chips and business processes among other things. Or are you a member of RIBA?

Why do people keep objecting to perfectly good words, just because they haven't heard them before.

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Future Memory Plants are Ab Fabs..... Absolutely Fabulous*

"Why do people keep objecting to perfectly good words, just because they haven't heard them before" ...... By jsp Posted Friday 13th February 2009 15:53 GMT

Quite so, jsp. It is the very essence of the semi-conductor/microprocessor industry create something from nothing and sell it to needy foreigners, rather than just buying it in for oneself, with paper printed at home, .... which always very Quickly Guarantees the Downfall of the Quantitive Easing/Printing Money Regime.

* For the Next WAIVe of Advanced Virtual Machinery into NIRobotIQs? Western Needs with Eastern Feeds for the Orient appears to be far more Organised and switched on to the Future than the Wild West with its cowboys tending to beef herds for the slaughter.



For starters, architect is a NOUN not a verb. Its not that I haven't heard it before, it is that it is wrong. Its a made up word to fill a need that doesn't exist because there is already a perfectly good word that expresses the intent. Language grows legitimately to fill in holes where we can't express a particular thought. No such hole exists here, this word was made up only to sound buzzy and trendy. Its also used to make things sound overly important much like "sanitation engineer." An architect is a specific kind of designer. If you are not that specific kind of designer then you are just a designer, not an architect.

Oh and your dictionary (assuming you are not joking) is an absolute piece of crap. Urban?


Re: Stop making up crap words

I agree with Eddie, architect is a noun, design and re-design are the appropriate corresponding verbs.

Using "architect" and "re-architect" as verbs always sounded like a Bushism to me.

I recall originally hearing/reading architect being mis-used as a verb applied to computer microchip design. I despised it from the first time I heard it.

The plague seems to have spread from there. These things end up in dictionaries if enough people make the same mistake and it enters common usage.

I assert that even if it's in a dictionary, it's still bad usage.

It's like saying "nuke-u-lar" instead of nuclear. I've seen that pronunciation in a dictionary too, but you'll still sound like a bozo if you say it that way! :D

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Google !!

gives the term in the references I looked at (didn't check all 50 million ) to architect as relating to a person (noun).

The term architecture is used in relation to chips, but I don't think we should get over excited over this issue.

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