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back to article Vendor punts laptop-as-server behemoth

Eurocom is the first system builder we've heard from who's put a desktop Core i7 four-core processor into a laptop. Dubbed the Phantom-i7, the new machine's pitched as an "on-the-road mobile workstation" or "mobile server", though 'portable' would be a better word than 'mobile' since the machine's battery - cheekily branded an …


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Actually has a useful purpose...

.. for trade shows when you don't want to lug a massive box to demo your latest server software. Shame all the trade shows are about to get canned...

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They could have really made it nice with a set of wheels and an extensible handle to double as a hand truck. Go one more step and add a collapsable zippered case and you have your entire carry on set for the flight. Two more steps into full transformer mode and it can be its own table and chair. There are, of course, more steps but I think a built in "inflate a date" are a bit extreme in a laptop... then again we haven't seen the price yet.



A laptop that can actually run vista...

Of course, that's being replaced now...


What, no PCIe slots?

Laaame. My ten-year-old Fieldworks had comparable specs for its day, plus three ISA and three PCI slots. And yes, the "integral UPS" (FW's euphemism for the battery) was specced to maintain the thing for a ten-minute shuffle between outlets.

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