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back to article Sun confirms second round of layoffs

Server and operating system maker Sun Microsystems has confirmed that it had indeed enacted another round of layoffs, as we reported it would. "Sun continues to make important choices to streamline operations and align resources to best address market opportunity and position the company for improved financial performance and …


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including vice presidents and directors.

Not starting high enough

Anonymous Coward

Heck of a job, Schwartz.

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Dead Vulture


Can't someone just go to the new york sales office and have a look if its shuttered or not?

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"Another rumour Sun neither confirmed nor denied is that the entire New York sales office- which mostly caters to the financial services and media industries - has been closed." ... Hmmm. I wonder why they would neither confirm or deny that ? The Doubt would only Prime Speculation on a Sub-Prime Central Control Location..... Spin Machine ...... Perceptions Management Pump?

And the Thought that Global Control has been delegated to and regulated by Clueless Virtual Machinery? You know, feed in random snippets of spurious news and views and follow whatever media produces.

Anonymous Coward

NY Office

They all live in NJ anyway..............

Who can afford to live in NY?????

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Only 300% off target!

Kudos to The Reg for getting the right rumour, but you were out by a factor of 300% on the number getting pinked. Then again, Wall Street will be waiting on the other 3100 originally announced, so maybe the rest will be announced (by rumour) soon.


And today....

Many in CA. engineering going .......

You all will be stuck with x86/x64, Itanic, and power.

Unless you really need mvs or vm on a z class machine.

So it's either IBM or Intel that does the cpu architectures.

Hey! Lets outsource this! We could save big bucks doing that!

Get me my jacket, I'll leave quietly.

See ya later Matt.


off target really........ ???

does that amount who got pinked include the rest of the world ????? I reckon the estimate is low as they'll try and make Sun as cheap a buy as possible for the likes of IBM to buy.......


Stupid is as stupid does

Announce 6,000 layoffs which affect 20% of the company....than tell people the number is too high this time. Hello....everyone is still extremely worried stupid.

oh btw....ROCK was killed today. It was being kept alive because Fujitsu might be interested but now that they are out and IBM has no interested in another sparc 8 socket at most box....its dead.

Hopefully NiagaraIII will survive.....ironic that the sales force layoffs were on the same day as Nehalem announce.


Stupid PR-speak

"Sun continues to make important choices to streamline operations and align resources to best address market opportunity and position the company for improved financial performance and long term growth."

As a technical write who works among "writers" in pubic-relations--oops, I mean public affairs--I ask once again: Can anyone show me statistical or clinical evidence that this sort of unctuous PR writing (especially, "We are committed to...") actually works? That it persuades readers to nod their heads in agreement? That it changes hearts and minds? That the folks who write it are worth more than, say, double the minimum wage?

Yeah. I thought not.


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