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back to article Atrato adds SSD to its sealed arrays

Atrato, which supplies Velocity1000 arrays using sealed canisters of 2.5-inch hard drives, is adding solid state drive (SSD) storage and self-optimising software for extra performance. Atrato supports SSDs with either single-level cell (SLC) or multi-level cell (MLC) technology, or a combination of such SSDs. The SSDs can be …


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Ultee'_Tom Suggested This FEW Days Ago....

In Orphaned pub, theINQ, Pundit Commentos thomasxstewart suggessted Exactly such idea yesterday. Another thing I learned, /E means ECHO. Described as"Echo Quoted Text in Comments". Was there Echo in There, escaping to theREG? Yes, I thinks So.

SSD is coming ON Fast, Maybe here for stable useage before 7. 16 Gb of O/S Could Use Bit More Speed. Now, For theGOLD, theMAN Makes Paragraph!!!hee,hee,he.theMan, theMantPerson, errr, theMant....


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