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back to article Intel X25-M solid-state drive firmware update

Intel has updated the firmware for its four models of mainstream solid-state drives, the 80GB and 160GB 1.8in X18-M and 2.5in X25-M. Intel X-25M and X-18M Intel's X-25M and X-18M: upgraded You may recall that during our review of the 80GB X25-M we were faced with the task of updating the firmware from version 8510 to 8610 …


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You've handed that one a 90% rating. The OCZ Vertex comparison unit is either within spit of the performance or honking all over it in most of the benchmarks and all without any tedious poncing around with firmware updates too. A quick not-trying-very-hard search reveals that the 120Gb Vertex comes in at a similar price to that you've got quoted as "from" for the 80Gb Intel.

So, 110% for the Vertex would be fair then? I know where my money would be going.......


No no no no


I have awarded the 90 percent for the firmware update not for the X25-M i.e. if you have an X25-M I strongly recommend you update it

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May this be the first of many

Product and product review aside, top marks to Intel for the firmware design - I'd be happy to install all firmware this way (bootable downloadable .iso). Firmware flashes can be hit and miss, either through finding the right app, finding the right supported OS (linux is quite often overlooked for example) and binary file, or worse still, needing to boot DOS from a floppy.

Firmware updates can be rather nerve-wracking processes - the simplest "plug in, forget" approach works for me!


Final Graph

Who drew that final graph? Because it completely misrepresents the facts.

It makes it appear as if the OCZ drive is more than twice as fast where as the truth is, in that particular test it's more like 5%

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