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back to article Samsung samples 500GB laptop HDD

With notebook-oriented SSDs now hitting the 250GB mark, Samsung has introduced a laptop-friendly hard drive offering double that capacity. The 500GB SpinPoint M7 uses the notebook-standard 2.5in form-factor and incorporates a pair of 250GB platters. They spin at 5400rpm, and data transfers are buffered in an 8MB cache. The …


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Less Capacious?

SSD's are more capacious than HDDs in the 2.5" arena – 512GiB ones exist, like this one,6716.html

That's even 512GiB, not GB, so you get an extra 49GB in there for your money (lots of money that is).

Paris Hilton


Sure is nice to see a 512 GiB SSD appear, though my broke arse won't be able to afford it. Give it a few years, though, and it looks like my lappy could get one.

My HP lappy would love to have even a 500GB HDD, but alas, it was built with the old ATA interface so the best it could get is 250 GB (though I saw a 320GB ATA 2.5" HDD on the Egg just recently) and it seems hard to retrofit it with an ATA > SATA interface without going external with it.

Though Moore's Law refers to the number of transisters on a processor chip, it's good to see that memory capacity (whether SSD, Flash or RAM) is closely following this trend.

Paris, because her socket capacity also follows a trend similar to Moore's Law...


For a given value of 'standard'

Does the 'standard 2.5" form factor' extend to this drive being 9.5mm deep?

Someone (Fujitsu?) announced a 500Gb 2.5" drive a while back, but the deal-breaker was that it was 12.5mm and therefore wouldn't fit in my laptop.

Could be a go-er - I'm certainly a fan of the SpinPoint F1 3.5" drives.

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Its precedessor used one more platter

This 2-platter drive replaces the 3-platter 500GB SpinPoint M6 released in 2008:

It was Hitachi that released a 2.5-inch 500GB hard drive that, at 12.5mm, was too tall to fit a standard laptop, no doubt making life miserable for its public relations folks:



The Western Digital 500GB 2.5" drive is 9.5mm high.

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