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back to article Intel confirms end of Psion 'netbook' legal fight

Intel and Psion Teklogix have settled their legal battle over the ownership of the word 'netbook', the chip giant has confirmed. An Intel spokesman told Register Hardware this morning that the two companies have worked out their differences. That said, details of the out-of-court agreement reached by the pair have not been …


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netbook. netbook. netbook. Am I in trouble now?

It's just a word, FFS. I don't care how much either party spends on lawyers, people are going to use it as they please.

In this case, my guess would be that if in five years time anyone still cares about small cheap laptops, they will all be called "netbooks".

In the same way that I call brown-bread-with-bits in "granary", even though that, too, is a copyrighted term.

I wish business would grow up.



So is "Coke" but try using that in a commerical contect to related to a generic cola based drink and see how long before the Coca-Cola company have you wearing the gimp mask while they ride you shouting "Who's you daddy? Who's your daddy? Say it, Say it!".

KFC know what happens and the Colonel has been so-ridden.

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Looks like Psion won then

Given that no one is moaning, it looks like the small guy won, and handsomely too. this is the kind of response you always get when a big corp like MS or Intel pay off the people they've been brought to task by.

Well done Psion, shame you're not going to do anything useful with your winnings, such as make new PDAs and smartphones that work "properly"...

This topic is closed for new posts.



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