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back to article Intel to double SSD capacity

Intel is expected to bring forward the projected doubling of its SSD capacities to as early as next month. The current X18-M and X25-M solid-state drives (SSDs) use a 50nm process and have 80GB and 160GB capacities with 2-bit multi-level cell (MLC) technology. A single level cell (SLC) X25-E has faster I/O rates and comes in …


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"There's no indication of what will happen to pricing."

Stay too high?

Samsung don't always make the best kit going, but their new line of SSDs seems to as good if not better than the Ms, at about half the cost!



"There's no indication of what will happen to pricing"

<hand in the air> Ooh, ooh! I know, I know!

Still, nice to see they're growing rather quickly. Still a while before I upgrade my terabyte arrays though

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Great and all but

Will they fix the issue were the drive will start failing because the sectors have been written over too much? I was experimenting with replacing the drives in my company's servers, but the SSD would fail about a week into stress testing. We'll stick to standard whirly disks for now.


@ Crazy Operations Guy.

I though they did that with the onboard controlers and massive cache's? That combined with larger drives also reduces the issue.

Have you tryed some out under stress testing?, and if so how did they fair?

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