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back to article Micron move heralds Intel 320GB SSD

With Intel rumoured to be set to raise its SSD capacity up to 320GB through a shrink to a 34nm process, its Flash partner Micron has introduced - guess what - NAND chips using a 34nm process. Micron has just announced a net loss of $290m for its third fiscal 2009 quarter, on net sales of $1.1bn. Intel and Micron own a joint- …


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Anonymous Coward

Gb or GB?

What are they? If it's Gb, are intel really putting 80 of them in each 320GB SSD?


@Chris 19

Gb, and yes.


@ Chris 19

The individual nand flash dies will be stacked, very likely 4 per package, so you'd only see 20 separate packages on the circuit board.

Gold badge

@Chris 19

More than 80, as they incorporate extra storage to deal with failure due to write wear. Wear leveling alone doesn't cover it, you need "spare sectors."

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