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back to article Fujitsu staff to vote on strike call

The Unite union is holding a ballot of its members working for Fujitsu to consider strikes and other industrial action. Staff at Fujitsu services have already been hit with a pay freeze for the financial year. Contractors have been forced to take a 15 per cent rate cut. Unite is asking its 2,000 members working for Fujitsu …


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We need and IT Union

maybe then we wouldnt be the whipping boys/girls in companies and the first department every single time to take a hit on conditions and staffing levels. I hope they DO go on strike. Outsourcing companies treat their staff like shit, maybe if they lose a few million on the SLAs due to this, the others might wake up and smell the coffee.


Just Do It!

I'm one of the thousands and plan to stop bending over and taking it up the backside like a good little engineer, while the fat cats get million £££ pay and bonuses.


and thats only whats above the radar

They have been scaling back the pension for the last few years. Even the bonus is a way of avoiding annual increases in pay, though for the last three years or so been quietly shifting around and closing down sites around the country. The last to go was a set of desks in crewe which in 2005 had 200 staff. This is a direct result of their internally well known 'offshoring/nearshoring' programme. Which in its own right has been an unmitigated failure for a number of reasons.

Their handling of unions is also pretty severe, a site in manchester which threatened union action had pending work pulled and the site scaled back to the point of releasing one of the three buildings.


Same old ICL huh?

When was the last strike? '84? I recall the picket lines at Bracknell...

I remember well the early 90's with the annual company "kick out" events: "Happy New Year. Everyone's on 90 day's notice".

They were even still pulling that one in '96 when I jumped ship to an overseas secondment.



Sometimes I wish I was still there to take part in all this malarky- unfortunately I left about 2 years ago, and haven't looked back since.

The wage policies of Fujitsu were utterly farsical - I worked on one of the desks in Crewe where the staff were paid £6 an hour, and were responsible for 100+ contracts 24*7 (including government, some very public companies and ultra critical servers)

good luck to the guys still there - hope you fight your way to better conditions!

This topic is closed for new posts.



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