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back to article Administrators head for titsup training company

Advent Computer Training, which ceased trading in January, has appointed two administrators from Brummie accountants PKF. Ian Gould and Brian Hamblin, partners at PKF, will run the Hagley-based business while they look for a buyer. Advent Computer Training and Access 2 Careers employed 250 people and had annual turnover of £ …


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hmmm I wonder who will get paid first.....

i think it goes like this




And the customers and employee's can whistle because once everyone else has filled their boots there will be nothing left for the people the actually own the money.. Sorry you don't count.

Isn't it funny how banks never loose money. That's just for the poor people.

Ask Lord Mandy for help. He'll help! Help himself that is. Another Epic Labour Fail



I think the order is Customs & Excise (VAT)

Inland revenue (TAX)





Over 6000 of us affected!

I 'was' one of the students affected by Advent's announcement. There are approximately 6000 of us left with debts between 4k - 6k. I myself took a government sponsored Career Development Loan (CDL) to fund this course, but now the Learning Skills Council don't give a hoot with the attitude of "it's not our problem", I owe £4000 for a course I've only half completed! So much for advancing my career, I am now financially unable to continue my studies and cannot progress in my career as I don't have the qualifications, making the loan even harder to pay off!

Let down once again by our abismal government who have obviously done a deal with the banks so that CDL's are set up in a way to avoid Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.


Sad tale

Just goes to show that 'turn over' means nothing (no matter how big the number is) if it all just keeps "turning over", and none of it stays put.

Almost seven years ago, I was made redundant from another well known Birmingham IT knowledge firm - Wrox Press (although we were never posh enough to have offices in a place like Hagley Hall... We were proper-Birmingham: Acocks Green). I was actually on holiday, the day they announced their insolvency, since I could no longer face making promises and commitments to authors and reviewers, that I knew might not be true. I suspect my boss, Bruce, knew that that was what I was doing. I was due about three weeks holiday, anyway, and I knew that if I didn't take what I could, at my due rate, I'd end up begging whatever I could from the government fund - which is exactly what happened, of course!

This is capitalism's other face - and a mighty cold, hard one, it can be, too! You can argue all you like about the stated reasons for this bankruptcy - lack of students stumping up their ten grand, for courses - but you have to register the fact, that this did not stop them taking new orders, from what students they could get, while they could.

I'd have hated to be one of the employees at that office during the final weeks of last month. Like I say, when my turn came to be tested, like that, I copped out! What else can you do? Tell them the truth and get fired?


you shouldve paid...

with a credit card!

but then again you should also have covered ur ass by not handing (someone elses cash cash to a bunch of scamming thieves. (nearly all the training companies are borderline on quality)

buy the books, cbt's then just pay for the exams as you do them.


Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service

My wife was in a similar position when the company she was doing some IT training through went into administration. The company that was supposed to take over providing the training weren't able to offer the same level of service. The loan company (a well known financial institution) want to help but after raising it to the Financial Ombudsman Service she no longer has to pay the loan nor continue the poor quality training.

Of course, I'm sure it comes down to the specific circumstances, but at least there is hope that the banks don't always get their way.

(Tux because Tux always gives us hope)

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I believe that HMRC etc no longer get priority status in an administration, so while it was once true, I think that is no longer the case.

Someone pointed out to me once that as

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